Creating Displays with Database Oasis

If you could create a piece of software to contain any information you like, what would it look like? What types of information would you keep in it? Would it be straight-to-the-point-functional, or would you decorate it with graphics and creative fonts?

Creating a display in Database Oasis is just that, designing a piece of software to fit your needs and personality. Of course, all of the technical parts of creating the software are handled for you. In just a few minutes you can go from a blank page to having a piece of software that is completely customized to you.

If you've tried to create a database using the average database software, you know how difficult it can be.

With Database Oasis, it's as easy as 1 - 2 -3.

Give your new display a name and add a background color or wallpaper.

Drag and drop the data fields you want onto the page.

Open your new display and start adding data.

Watch a demo of the display designer in action.