Database Oasis comes in two flavors: Basic Edition and Professional Edition. Database Oasis Professional Edition has all of the features of the Basic Edition, plus additional functionality that is geared toward business users.


Consider Database Oasis Basic Edition

  • Address Lists
  • Phone Number Lists
  • Recipes
  • Household Inventory
  • Photo Albums
  • Children's Grades
  • Catalogs of Collectables and much more!


Consider Database Oasis Basic Edition

  • Track Inventory
  • Client and Prospect Lists
  • Customer Payment History
  • Contact History
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Sales or Service History
  • Industry Specific Information
  • Questionnaire Results and more

Feature Comparison

Feature Basic Edition Professional Edition
Multiple user support with customizable security levels and password protection Included
Relational Databases Included
Custom Report Designer Included
Report wizard for quick layout of standard report and labels Included
Create composite filters using up to twelve fields Included
Filter data on any one field Included
Fully customized data displays with complete control over the layout Included Included
Many display design templates available at no additional charge Included Included
Point and click interface with no coding required Included Included
Customize the appearance of your displays with background pictures and colors Included Included
Available field types include text fields, numeric fields, list fields, date fields, calculated fields, check boxes, note fields, auto incrementing, and picture holders Included Included
Control the font of all fields Included Included
Copy and share display design with other users Included Included
Work with multiple data displays simultaneously Included Included
View data as a single record or in a list Included Included
Quickly find records by searching any of your fields Included Included
Easily sort data using up to three sort criteria Included Included
Export data to any delimited file format Included Included
Import data from any delimited file format and Excel spreadsheets Included Included
Print to many popular file formats, including PDF and HTML for posting to web sites Included Included
Automatically attach printouts to e-mails Included Included
Link files to records and launch the associated application from within Database Oasis Included Included
Data Backup Included Included
Context sensitive help from any screen Included Included
Printable user manual Included Included
Store up to 4 TB of data (4000 GB) Included Included

Database Oasis - Basic Edition

Database Oasis Basic Edition is designed for home users and businesses that do not require access for more than one user. The focus of the Basic Edition is simplicity and ease of use. If you're looking for the easiest database software, Basic Edition is perfect to you.



Database Oasis - Professional Edition

Database Oasis Professional Edition is designed for businesses. It features a multi-user database that allows users in the same local network to share information, and a full-featured customer report generator. It also includes advanced functionality that's not available in Basic Edition, including relational displays, advanced filtering and per user and display security settings. The Professional Edition still keeps it simple, but it's designed for users who require a little more functionality. Learn more about what Professional Edition has to offer.