First let me say that our organization is extremely satisfied with the product you have produced. I have looked for a database program for years which was user friendly yet still had a professional appearance and operation to it. Database Oasis has done this and then some. We just recently upgraded to the 3.1 version which had key features I was waiting for. The addition to the level of control you have security wise for users is GREAT! — J. Curee

I began designing databases in the early 80s (yes, over 25 yrs ago) - and this is an INCREDIBLE piece of software. I'm pleased and shocked! You've put the ability of developing/creating a database in the hands of almost any computer literate person. I'm glad that I retired several years back. (grin)

I evaluated over 80 programs - deleting each one well within an hour of downloading. Yours, by any scale, is light years ahead of anything else out there. — R.Greene

I had a chance to try the trial version yesterday. I am so excited about how easy it is to use. This is what I have always wanted in a database program... affordable, logical, usable by a non-geek! A fan already... if you can make me a "functional database creator and operator" you have an awesome success story! — J. Nemeth

This is fast becoming the best software I have ever purchased because:
(a) it is extremely useful and easy to use
(b) the manual is fantastic. I have printed mine out in A5 booklet format
(c) your online support is fast and genuinely helpful

What a breath of fresh air. Brilliant, 10/10. — J. Peters

I just have to comment again on how much I am enjoying this software and so user friendly, it is totally AWESOME!!! I just LOVE the software, so easy and is exactly what I needed!!!!!

We purchased a software a couple of years ago for a much more expensive cost and worked with it for months and could never understand how to work it and you could only import a set amount of fields, so I have not used it and have been tracking my parts database with an excel spreadsheet. I did a google search and found Database Oasis and it was the best investment for us. I absolutely LOVE it!!! User friendly is the key hear for me and I was able to build my database without even reading the user guide!!! Ok sorry, for going on and on but I am totally excited to finally be able to set up my electronics parts database. — D. Thompson

We have purchased the software and are over the moon. We had been looking for a database solution to manage jobs in our small company for some time before stumbling on Database Oasis, which is now running on all 5 of our office computers and has improved our productivity no end. The reports are simple and effective and our field teams are now always up to date with what they have to do. It was simple and easy to install and use and the backup support service has been wonderful. We would not hesitate to recommend this program or company to anyone at all. — D. Poxon

Oh My Gosh! What a GREAT software package! It is absolutely fabulous and so easy to create! I spent the day creating what is to be our database for all our customers. I could not believe how user friendly it is to non-computer folks!

At first I bought a Staples online lesson to teach me “Access” and I was completely lost. I was worried I would have to pay a lot of money to get someone to create a database for us. I went looking online and your software was very reasonably priced and bought it in hopes I didn’t pick something else I couldn’t understand. Your video clip made it look so simple. I haven’t stopped talking about this fun database since I got it.

Again, I thank you very much and will continue to introduce this product to everyone I know. This software is for EVERYONE and ANY SITUATION whether you use it for personal or business. I am so happy someone finally came up with a user-friendly software for us non IT people and small businesses. — R. McLane

I just discarded two software programs I've used for several years. Together, they did about 90 percent of what I need to do but were "clunky" and not easy to use. The reason I discarded them? Database Oasis does 100 percent of what I need to do and does so with minimal effort on my part.

Setting up the data entry screens was quite easy. The report development was a bit more complicated but the email support was so detailed and the response so quick that even this really wasn't a problem. I at first bought the basic version but quickly upgraded to Pro. Best $95 I've spent in a long while. Thanks guys. — C. Blair

Congratulations on developing a robust and easy to use Data Program - To all of the developers, analysts and programmers, congratulations on an excellent product. The customer/user has been finally been considered. I have used dBase, Access, Clipper and several other data processing programmes over the years and can appreciate the work that has gone into OASIS. I am now in my senior years but still active on committees and recently saw a need to provide a better way of maintaining our information and records. I shuddered at the thought of trying to start from scratch and so I went looking for that program that I hoped existed. Well I found OASIS and I am delighted. I have already completed two Data Displays on my computer with my registered copy which has been met with approval of the committee. — G. Lee

I really didn't need another database program but have been totally convinced by the versatility and simplicity of Oasis. For straightforward data management purposes Oasis is way ahead of the competition and I find it one of the best designed products I have ever come across. The user guide, too, is a model of clarity- ironically the program itself is so user friendly that the manual is almost redundant. — J. Moore

Many thanks.....best software in its class, and so easy to use its amazing. I will sing its praises here in the UK. — M. Cox

This software is amazing! I have been looking for something like this for years. It took me a lot of Internet searching to find you. I just want to recommend that you advertise more so others can find you easier. This is everyone’s dream come true! Thank you for a fabulous product! — D. Helbig

I just downloaded the free trial version of this software, and have played with it for an hour or so, and boy am I impressed!

I practice law, including some litigation... I have already taken your "Books" template, and re-arranged it to cover most of what I'll need for a litigation/trial database . . . and remember, I've only had it on my computer for an hour or two.

Again, I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have found your program, and I am quite sure that I will become a very enthusiastic user! — S. Drummond

I am 65 years old and just a little computer savvy. Mostly self taught. I get some help from a friend who knows Access and Excel very well. He was impressed by Database Oasis. I tried your Database Oasis and bought it the next day. I grow and hybridize bearded iris (a flower if you didn't know). I have made several different displays so far. One for my seedlings with photos of parents and grandparents. Most other databases have problems with photos. Not yours.

This is just what I have been looking for the last two years. — M. Greenfield

Thank you for . . . a wonderful product. The Database Oasis is more than meeting the needs I have and I am very pleased with the purchase. Thank you for a well constructed, affordable product. — V. Gonzalez

I just love this program!! It is very user friendly and is going to be a huge time saver for me. Thank you for this wonderful product!! — T. Lindeman

I recently purchased and registered Database Oasis. I must say I'm extremely pleased with the results and how well the software was designed. Having experience with programming database software, I find this much easier for simple database solutions as to designing one for myself. — F. Cleveland

Really this is great software. Went from an internet search for simple database on Sat. morning to having 2 attorneys and 4 support staff using it by Monday afternoon with most of our old database (MS Works I'm embarrassed to say) in the display I easily designed. This is Great. — G. Vinal

You guys are great! I love this product, . . . and will heartily recommend it to all! In the 15 days I've had the software I've quickly developed three very useful databases - it's easy to do... I was in the software development business and I recognize serious functional software when I see it. Database Oasis is a lean, mean, productive database. I love it! — M. Jensen

I am still using your trial and the more I study your software the more excited I am about it...the creator really has done a fantastic job. After struggling with Access, and having considered the possibility of having to hire a database programmer to get what I want (since I can' t find a professional home inventory database with reports that I like), finding your software is a much easier and more cost effective alternative. It's so user friendly.....especially creating reports. — K. Regan

I've tried MS ACCESS, Open Office, File Maker Pro, and a few other programs. I cannot understand how these work. I even bought a book from a book store on getting started with MS ACCESS. I think these programs are just too much for my application.

I did some searching on the internet and came across DATABASE OASIS. It looked easy to use on the web site so I downloaded the trial.

It's PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to test out the professional version (because I need to print reports). ...I can't believe HOW EASY it is to create my own report and format it the EXACT way I want it to look. ... It's so easy to create forms and fields.. I love it. So this is my HUGE thanks to you for creating an easy to use program. — Avo

I'm really glad I found this program. Running a small non-profit animal shelter and not being a programmer, I needed a database program that was easy to use and could handle my day to day record keeping. I looked into the big guys, Microsoft Office, Oracle, and some of those I saw mentioned above but they are all overly large, hard to use, and much too expensive. The Database Oasis fits the bill in every way and I'm sure glad MKF Software made it available.

Thanks guys, the support has been fantastic and the program is quality... nuff said. — Charlie Campbell, president, Best Friends of North Central Arkansas.

I really love the user interface and was able to create a very nice database in a short time for the scientific instruments we sell. In the past, I tried to use Access and gave up because I didn’t have to time to learn it. I know it is very powerful, but for most applications, that power is not necessary and makes the program too complicated... Keep up the good work. This is a GREAT piece of software with a lot of future potential. — J. Birks

Everyone told me to set something up in Access. I am pretty good with software, but didnt have the time to learn Access. I needed a reliable database, which I could manupulate and quickly create.

Database Oasis is it.

Fast. Flexible. Intuitive. Reliable. All at the right price. And excellent support. — J. Farsetta

I think this Database Oasis programme is excellent and it has solved a lot of report creating issues for me. I have run lots of programmes over the last 2 years looking for the right application without success, until I found yours. Excellent work! — S. Purvis

Firstly, let me say that as a user of Oasis Pro, I am quite impressed – with ease of use, quality of documentation and well-thought-out features. It’s a product that has just enough function and not overload that too often complicates products and never gets used. — R. Crandall

Wonderful program. Absolutely suits my needs. ... Excellent data base ideal for stamp collectors. Absolutely excellent value for money. ... I know stamp collectors would love your easy to use data base. — E Willoughby

When I was programming in the '80s I was taught that my program should be "Idiot Proof" and I really congratulate you on achieving this. It's a wonder that MS Access is still around in it's complicated form. The principal of how you allow the user to construct his DBase is refreshingly simple. — H. Barnett

My name is Frank Christiansen. I live in Denmark and use Oasis for private as well as business use. I have purchased a 1 user professional version for private use and a 3 user professional version for business use.

I have made an all purpose database for private use. It contains:

Addresses with links to homepages, e-mails etc.

Tasks with dates, time and priorities.

Info. Encrypted codes for all kinds of credit cards, bugler alarms etc.

Bills to pay and income.

Holydays, Birthdays, anniversaries.

Archive of all kinds of Tasks, info, etc. (where to find.)

Links to Internet, E-mail addresses, USB, Computer and servers.

We have used Oasis in different versions, upgraded with no problems and 3 employees have daily used our Oasis for nearly 4 years, and we have never experienced any kind of problems.

Marvelous!!!! — F. Christiansen

I just purchased Oasis Pro via Bits du Jour. I’ve been working with it for about two hours and have generated the database I’ve dreamed of for a la…oooong time. What a snap and if you think out what you need as you go you can get around the limitations Oasis has.

OMG could it get any easier?

Thanks so much for software that is actually usable without a PhD in database structure! Truly WYSIWYG...

Again… I cannot believe that I’ve actually found the answer to my database dreams. Since my last comments I have found many other features like background colors and wallpaper that personalize the displays and reports for a pristine presentation to my intend audience. Not only is it a database but I can create a storyline presentation showing how the stats manifest themselves in my dataset.


Discovering Oasis Pro was like finding a diamond mine in my backyard. — J. Skulavik

I am very pleased that you are real and that you answer questions. You wrote a very nice little program for the Access impaired. Here's to you being around a long time. I will be purchasing this very soon and will recommend it to people. I am a roving bookkeeper and people always have a weird problem that Excel just won't do. — M. McKerrihan

Thank you for the fast response to my enquiry and for the accurate and clear instructions to fix my install problem; I'm happy to say that I'm now up and running.

I guess that I should, by now, be used to the fantastic response that we always receive form your help desk, however, I'm still mightily impressed. I just wish that the support available from Major Software suppliers was even half as good as Oasis. — D. Sanders

I have Used your program now for approximately a year. This is the first that I have had a chance to really get into using it. it is easy to use. not complicated all. the hardest part is deciding how to set it up. it was well worth the money and did not cost an arm and a leg. thank you — L.P.

I have recently purchased the Pro version to track clients and other stuff for a small but growing home-based business. It is an easy product to use, with some nice features. It is nice to get a database software of this size and have an easily configured report generator built-in. AND have a readable manual!! Congratulations. - K. Huston

Just would like to let you know this programme is the best thing I have found on the net. It's worth every dollar spent. I've wanted something like this for year's good job guys. I will let everyone know about it. — A. Jazak

Have just downloaded new version -- CONGRATULATIONS--GREAT :-) — N. Eborall

Database Oasis has enabled me to complete a project, which I started back in September (an Electronic Version of a U.K. Combined Company Register, for U.K. incorporated Companies) and I have managed to complete it in 4 days. After trying (all unsuccessfully I might add) Access, FoxPro, Visual Basic, dBase V, xHarbour and a couple of other database programs, the only thing that came anywhere near was my original attempt in dBase III+, which provided me with all the necessary data but (being DOS based) not in what I would, these days, call an acceptable presentation. So thank you Database Oasis.

Again thank you for an excellent, and unique, product. — G. Pugh

Oh, boy! That's the kind of software we would just die for! [We] have all those spreadsheets and directories with information that every-so-often gets forgotten and disorganized. Your software is the perfect tool for us. I am going to tell all my friends about it. — I. Schilke

I was really impressed by your well-written manual. So much software is advertised as being "easy", and the manual that comes with it is usually so poorly written that the term "easy" becomes meaningless. You have clearly gone out of your way to remedy that situation. — W. Boyer

I love this database. It’s more user friendly than I expected. I tried it out with our wedding guest list. It was so nice to be able to have the information that I need and wanted instead of some of these other wedding organizers that have things I will never use or need. — E. Davis

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to highly recommend your company.

I had recently purchased a more expensive, well known database software. They were horrible, with no customer support. I had waited on the telephone for almost an hour for technical support, just to install the program and gave up. I then waited for 45 minutes for customer service in order to cancel the order and gave up. That is when I did a google search for other database software and thank goodness, I found your company.

I want to offer my sincere appreciation for your help in setting up my database. You spent so much time and had great patience in working with me. I feel like I purchased a custom, high end database.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter and please feel free to use this for any purpose you so chose. — M. Felinton

You people renew my faith in the computer software industry. Everything works fine. Imported the data without a hitch. I have never seen such dedication to solving a problem in a timely manner. You are amazing and REALLY know your software. Thank you again. — R. Rockey

You guys rock! I've never had a response so fast. Keep up the good work. — P. Daigneault

Thank you for all your help with this problem I am completely impressed, with the speed, efficiency of your support and with the courtesy with which you kept me updated at each stage. — D. Sanders

Dear Database Oasis Support,

Everything working -GREAT!

Many thanks for all your, very prompt, help.

Ah-if only other support people were as conscientious as you:-) — N. Eborall

Thank you so very much for all your help, you are great. If anyone ever mention the need of a database to me, my suggestion is without hesitation, "DATABASE OASIS". With a customer service team like you, they can't go wrong. You have my deepest admiration. — M. Brown

By the way…..I have never come across a support team that reacts as you do – quickly and with genuine interest. Well done and thank you. — D. Mattia

Congratulations on this excellent piece of software that is DataBase Oasis Pro. It is both a very powerful and friendly tool, Thank you very much.— M. Neto

Its nice to know that your company has the customer in mind. Good quality customer service is so important to me. ...If you can make it affordable, easy to use, and back it up with great customer service, you have a great product.

Keep up the good work.— R. Ahles