Available Templates

Database Oasis lets you create completely custom data displays to store and view your data. In addition to the displays that you create, a number of design templates are available that can be imported into your software. Once you've imported a design template, you can customize it to fit your needs.

  • Download and import templates into Database Oasis
  • Get started fast with predefined database templates
  • Customize templates to suit your needs - you have completed control
  • Get ideas when creating your own, unique databases

The following design templates are currently available for use with the product. The Database Oasis software must be installed in order to use these templates. If you do not currently have the Database Oasis software installed, download a free trial!

Available Templates

Click any of the links below to view screen shots and details of the templates.

Business Templates Personal Templates
Asset Inventory
Keep a record of your assets in one convenient place on your PC.
My Antique Collection
Store photos and information about your antiques.
Business Contacts
Keep track of your vendors and customers.
Diet/Exercise Tracker
Keep track of your workout and calorie goals and performance while dieting.
Software Development Bug Log
Software developers, log software issues and coordinate fixes between programming and testing.
Book Collection
Keep track of the books in your library.
Keep track of donations for your non-profit organization.
Homework Assignments
Students, get organized and keep track of upcoming assignments so nothing falls through the cracks.
Store contact and other important information on your company employees.
Household Inventory
Create an inventory of your valuables that can be printed and submitted to you homeowners insurance company.
Keep all of your internet and software passwords in one place so you never lock yourself out of your important tools.
Movie Collection
Keep a catalog of your personal movie library. Search by title, genre, actors, awards, or any other category you like.
Software Inventory
Keep track of all of the software that you or your company owns.
Music Catalog
Organize your music collection.
Product Survey Results
Store marketing survey results.
My Journal
Keep a journal for personal or business use. Record your thoughts, ideas, and goals.
Photo Album
Manage all of your digital pictures in one convenient place.
Phone book
Store all of your phone numbers and addresses, along with notes about each contact.
Photo Collage
Create a collage of your digital images.
Keep all of your favorite recipes in one convenient place.
To-do List
Store quick to-do items. Set due dates, track completion status and prioritize your tasks.