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Database Oasis works with Microsoft Windows operating systems. We currently support Windows XP and later.

Feature List

Database Oasis keeps it simple, but still has a competitive feature set including the ability to filter the database, view records individually or as a list, and produce and export reports.

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Create custom databases in minutes

Database Oasis' easy-to-use designer lets you quickly set up your database using point-and-click. Select the types of data you would like to display, where and how you would like it to appear, and you're done. It's that simple.

And best of all there is absolutely NO CODING required! Don't believe us? Watch the demo to see for yourself.

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Manage all of your data in one place

There is no better tool to get and stay organized than Database Oasis because it gives you access to all of your data in one easy to use list. No more digging through notepads, hunting for that sticky note that fell off your monitor, or trying to remember what file hides that critical piece of data. It's all right there!

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Share your data with others

With Database Oasis, it's easy to share your data with others. All of the reports can be printed to a variety of file formats and posted to a web page or automatically attached to an email.

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Go even further with Professional Edition

Database Oasis - Professional Edition offers advanced functionality, but still keeps it simple.

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