Registering Your Software

In order to allow you to evaluate the Database Oasis software prior to making a purchase decision, the software is initially installed unregistered. The unregistered version is a 15 day trial. In order to use the software beyond the 15 days, you must purchase and register it.

Purchasing Database Oasis

1    Select Buy Now from one of the following places:

2   A secure shopping cart will open where you can enter your payment information.

Once you have purchased the software, you will be sent an e-mail that contains a registered user name and a registration key. This information will be used to register the software.

Registering the Software

1       Register the software using one of the following methods:

2        The Enter Registration Key screen will open.

3        When you purchased the product, you provided the name under which it should be registered. This name was used to generate the registration key. The key and the name must match for the registration information to be accepted. The registration name can be found in the e-mail you received that contained your purchase confirmation and the registration key. Either copy and paste the registration name from that e-mail, or type it in the Registration Name field exactly as it appears in the e-mail. This entry is case sensitive (upper and lower case letters must match).

4        As soon as you have entered a Registration Name, the Registration Key field will become available. This is the key that was provided when you purchased the software. It is divided into four separate sections. Enter the code for each section in the boxes.

5        The OK button will become available once you have entered the complete registration information. Click this button to register the software.

6   If you are currently in a trial of the edition you are registering, you can continue to work with the software. If you are in a trial of the other edition, or you have not yet selected an edition, Database Oasis will close to allow the proper edition to launch. Reopen the software to continue.


Upgrading From Basic Edition to Professional Edition

Database Oasis - Basic Edition is designed to provide a very easy-to-use, database solution that is accessible to users of all technical levels. Database Oasis - Professional Edition is designed for users who need more advanced functionality. The products use the same installed file, but some of the advanced features have been hidden from Basic Edition users. To upgrade to Professional Edition, you only need to enter a registration code that unlocks the advanced features.


1      Open Database Oasis - Basic Edition.

2       From the Help menu, select Enter Upgrade Key.

3        The Enter Upgrade Key screen will open.

4    Follow the steps under Registering the Software, above, to enter your registration information.


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